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Philipp Riedel (Matthias Renger) works as an employment advisor for convicted offenders who are about to finish their sentences. During one of his routine sessions, he is approached by Sercan (Ercan Karacayli), a murderer who is due to be released soon and wants to work in care. Despite Philipp’s obvious reservations and the wider social implications, as well as his negative, traumatic experience with a previous case, Philipp decides to help Sercan after becoming convinced of his good intentions - a decision that marks the beginning of an unusual friendship which will leave a lasting impact on both their lives.


"Intrigued by the true story of a social worker in Northern England who was once confronted with an ex-offender who stubbornly expressed the desire to work in care, I developed a strong interest in the men and women who spend their lives supporting those looking to be resocialized. Their passion for helping others, their disappointment at failure and their perseverance are what inspired this fictional film about someone who desperately wants to believe in the good in people."

- Daniel Holzberg

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